ENT Instruments


MicroFrance Wormald Frontal Sinus Surgery Instrument Set
MicroFrance Wormald Bipolar Forceps With Suction
MicroFrance Suction Sinus Instruments
MicroFrance Rotatable Clip Applying Forceps
Microfrance Mini-Stryucken Through-Cutting Forceps
MicroFrance Micro Bite Through-Cutting Sinus Forceps
MicroFrance Levine Orbital Decompression Instrument Set
MicroFrance Kennedy Frontal Sinus Surgery Instrument Set
MicroFrance Duncavage Sphenoid Sinus Instrument Set
MicroFrance Dessi Nasal Bipolar Forceps
MicroFrance Wormald Anterior Skull Base and Pituitary Instrument Set
ENT Instruments
Middle and Inner Ear Instruments
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Dermal Instruments
Bouchayer Style Laryngeal Instruments


Plastic Instruments


Knife Handles, Blade Breakers, Measuring Devises
Probes, Directors
Needle Holders
Knives, Elevators, Hammers, Nippers
Liposuction Instruments


General Instruments


Knife Handles
Towel Clamps
Hemostatic Forceps
Sponge Forceps
Intestinal Tissue Forceps
Scissors  including Shark-Edge™ and Super Cut Scissors
Needle Holders
Tissue and Dressing Forceps
Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone Rongeurs